horseshoe roadtrip: az, nm, co, ut

There were a lot of reasons why Court and I did this roadtrip but one of the main ones was having quality sister time before I got married. We stopped off first in Vegas to visit Lauren and then early the next morning left for Sedona.

And by the way, everyone always stops at the devil’s bridge and then turns around but honestly, if you keep hiking, there’s far prettier views ahead.

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when I was little, my mom and I used to climb avocado trees all the time so being high up in trees is forever a love of mine


sedona, az


nothing against nm but it was the least exciting of the horseshoe


we found this off the grid, natural hot springs, which was obviously divine. we didn’t mind but were kind of caught off guard that it was a nudist (optional) hot spring. I actually encourage everyone to try it at least once, particularly those struggling with self-esteem issues because nobody cares about body image there. honestly, nobody cares what your body looks like – if you’re too fat, too skinny, have too big/too small breasts, have too thick of thighs, whatever you’re self-conscious about, it’s nobody’s concern. Everyone is too busy relaxing and being at peace as the purpose of this nudist hot spring was to be one with nature in every aspect. Nobody is there judging or shaming other bodies but celebrating all types, which I find to be a positive practice in being comfortable in one’s skin

IMG_0255IMG_0159IMG_0156IMG_0106Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

it was incredibly cold, it actually started snowing while we were in one of the hot springs but the weather and water’s juxtaposition of temperature was definitely good for the soul


we pitched Court’s little dinosaur tent in pitch black and woke up to discover ourselves surrounded by jumbo rocks

…that night was especially fun because there was a group of people our age camping next to us and after friendly talk, we all decided to take a night hike to snowglobe (my personal term for stargazing because in primitive locations, it literally feels like you’re in a snowglobe – no beginning or end to the starry sky) y Dios mío, there aren’t words to how beautiful the stars are when there aren’t any city lights to obscure the view


we took the primitive trail because it said it was strenuous (it wasn’t) but apparently rain had washed out the trail previously and we got lost…a lot, basically the whole day. but truly, what is the point of exploring an np if you don’t get lost? that’s were all the best stories come from


when we were younger, my dad used to take us rock climbing to a point of mild obsession and so this was heaven for us. we’re not hardcore climbers or anything but definitely loved all of the massive rocks strewn about to climb, jump, balance, fall, and whatever else on

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picked up a hitchhiker who just spent a month in yosemite and was now spending a month in moab. I know society tells us not to because of stranger danger or whatever but just from the short conversation of asking his whereabouts, we knew he was sincere. plus, if I were hitchhiking, I would hope that someone would be kind enough to pick me up


moab/arches national park… oh my gosh. I had been lusting after moab for years now and was finally able to go. it is the holy grail of the west, definitely in my top 3 national parks. everything about it is beautiful. I can’t believe how perfect some of mama earth’s aesthetics are. if you stick to the trails, it might not hit your top 3 but if you get lost and truly explore the park, there’s no way you could leave thinking it to be a mediocre park

moab from caicue on Vimeo.

overall, this trip was amazing. Courtney and I met so many cool people (mostly in colorado and utah), mostly taking night hikes with, hot springing it with, and getting lost with. It was such a good trip that we’ll probably be referencing many stories from here well ’til we’re old

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