honeymoon part I – denmark

right after we got engaged, we both knew that we wanted our honeymoon to serve a purpose rather than solely devoting two weeks to our own desires. it’s funny because we both didn’t know it but we were both trying to buy surprise honeymoon tickets for each other… except that I wasn’t sneaky enough and andrew had seen me checking flight prices. I ended up having to confess but good thing otherwise we would have had four honeymoon tickets!

our top three choices were greece, bulgaria, and hungary (the latter two, I had contacts in) all for the same purpose of helping in whatever way we could for the syrian refugees during their crisis. that summer however, I had kept reading all of these news articles about how greece was suffocating with limited foreign aid but every time I looked at tickets, they were thousands of dollars. around the time I was flight hunting, a friend had asked about our honeymoon plans and I told her that we wanted to spend the two weeks in greece. she told me how noble she thought it was but to also remember what a honeymoon was: a time to relax and reenergize with your spouse after the stresses that came with planning a wedding. I knew she was right… that going straight into something so fast paced such as helping NGOs wouldn’t be the most beneficial for us or the refugees. we decided to spend a few days in europe before heading out to greece.

soon after, I just so happened to find these amazing prices to copenhagen and tickets from there to greece where we could roam denmark by taking a roadtrip to the opposite north end of skagen before hopping on an aegean airlines flight. everything worked out perfectly especially since andrew is part danish and we could experience his heritage together. I had never been to denmark but he had and I had been to greece but he hadn’t so it was like a flip-flop visit.

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we literally biked the whole time in copenhagen. WHOLE TIME.


their motorized bikes were mad heavy and I kept dropping it so I ended up just sitting on his front handle bars enjoying the view

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetDCIM100GOPRO

trying to dj on our roadtrip up to skagen

IMG_1954IMG_1945IMG_1959IMG_1927uhoh7 (1)Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

honestly, I didn’t even take that many photos because I was recording clips the whole time but you can watch that here:


sorry, a lot of the copenhagen is blurry…


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