zion national park

someone asked me why 59 national parks became a goal of ours and why now. as to why it became a goal, I thought the national park map I had gotten andrew was really cool when I was browsing on etsy and so when he opened it on his birthday, we were just in awe of this map, staring at it for awhile feeling almost empty in the sense that together, we could only put like 5 stickers down. I think we also subconsciously felt like maybe we were missing out on something so great that was within our reach (thankfully, we live in the west where most np’s are). also, if you read my updated about me, that explains a lot.

I think in the past, I was just so focused on school that I almost forgot how close we were to all of these american wonders (side note: the world – every country is a beautiful place of course, but I think that too many times, americans forget how beautiful their own country is. we always want to go abroad and while we definitely should do that too, we shouldn’t forget how beautiful our own back yard is) but now that I’m on a much needed hiatus, it’s like I’m trying to play catch up.

As to why now… well… andrew and I are our own family now. we live life together in a way that’s tailored to our own hopes, goals, and dreams and so starting off our marriage with this new adventure – something that would be unique to us while still working toward our academic/career goals seemed almost natural. that and it’s the nps’ centennial year, which means we happened to get married in good timing;)


so zion. I think it might have been the time of day and the sun, too harsh when we went but my pictures (specifically angel’s landing) are terrible. don’t look at these and think zion is eh because it’s the opposite, absolutely the opposite.

andrew and I had both been to zion but on separate trips with friends and so this was our first time together. I had done angel’s landing almost a year ago with a friend who was basically native to zion as she only lived in st. george and because andrew hadn’t done it, I took this opportunity to be ‘the guide’. except that I mixed up the trail heads and accidentally took us on a 3-mile longer route. I mean, it didn’t really matter to either of us as it just meant more scenery and more time on one of america’s most classic hikes but it was just funny because I kept acting like a know-it-all.

IMG_4284Processed with VSCOcam with p5 presetIMG_4227IMG_4299

climbed one side of a canyon

IMG_5140Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetIMG_4245Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

hands down, my most favorite picture. everything about the hike up was just so beautiful

IMG_5165Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetIMG_9552Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetIMG_5189IMG_5197

we climbed down for a better view and less people. probably stayed there a good hour just absorbing the moment(s)

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetIMG_5338DCIM100GOPRO Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetIMG_9558Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetIMG_4327IMG_4315

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