alabama hills, ca

for weeks all I had seen on social media was alabama hills. alabama hills this, alabama hills that. we were supposed to go to kings canyon national park for the second time but thought we should check this place out since it was apparently all the rage.

welllllllll it definitely was/is. all of the campsites were full (not that we’d camp there anyways) and any place that could potentially be a camp spot was taken, which was frustrating. andrew and I live in the city saturated with people and from our beginnings have taken nature to be our form of solitude. it’s a bittersweet thing, really because in a world dominated by technology and all things material, people are still coming out for the same reasons andrew and I do plus others, which is GREAT but at the same time I pine after that familiar feeling of oneness… is it cheesy to say a oneness with earth? a oneness that is only attainable by being alone with mama nature; a oneness that makes you feel like the world is all yours while simultaneously feeling so small. THAT oneness.

this is one of the main reasons we always opt for every backcountry option available opposed to campsite camping. eep. does this make us sound like we hate people? double eep, we definitely don’t. plus when you do run into someone in the backcountry, there’s this mutual kindness and respect… I don’t know how to explain it. it’s like we all want to see and experience earth in it’s rawest form and by doing so, keep to the solitude to soak her all in.

IMG_6673IMG_6682IMG_6738IMG_6674IMG_6743Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

because we had such a hard time finding a place to set up camp, we ended up just packing our backpacks and walking until we selfishly had the view to ourselves

  the most loving and loyal pups


fell asleep and woke up to mt. whitney (we were already at a high elevation just in case you didn’t think it looked that tall)


andrew’s been teaching me night photography – this was my first attempt


 madds’ thought we needed a doggy door, thanks lil love

Processed with VSCO with m5 presetIMG_6885IMG_6896

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