sequoias, pinnacles, JT

I want to keep this specific post as simple as possible with only my favorite picture from each park because at the moment, I strangely feel the need to preserve the memories. therefore, this may be a boring post to you, which I’m okay with. and if you follow me on instagram, you’ve already seen these.. except that I’m not elaborating as in other posts. it is the adventures before, between, and after each shot that I want to keep for just myself and andrew. maybe it’s because I find it slightly repugnant when people post their whole lives on social media? like what memory or adventure is solely yours to keep?  I don’t want to come off as rude or selfish but I want to protect the magic in life that is unique to us.

so really, all you need to know is that life is good. life is good and I’m in love with a man who sees beauty in all things, never groaning at another forest or another mountain or another desert or even another starry night because he sees every backdrop that mother earth gave us a privilege to experience. at each moment of these four pictures, he was in awe and… and I just married the best man. I did, I did.


not an np but our literal backyard.. how lucky are we that we live right next to a national forest?


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