OUR WEDDING pt II – loved ones

just as part one, this post has been sitting in my draft folders for awhile now. there are no words in the english language or any language that will fully express how thankful I am to and for our friends and family. words like ‘thank you’ and even ‘love’ are petty compared to what my heart actually feels.

as I sit here seven months after our wedding day and sort through photos, I’m overwhelmed with love and gratitude. from our beginnings, not one person has ever discouraged us from dating and/or marriage nor has anyone ever told us that our plans in life were stupid. we have had the utmost support even before day 1 (we spent 10 months as “just friends;)” before making it official) in every aspect of life and for that, I am forever grateful.

the love that I felt on 20 december from our friends and family reinforced all notions in not eloping. to be honest though, I was just so in the moment of that day that I didn’t even know who ended up attending until the ceremony concluded us as husband and wife so in my mind, it was like we had invited all of our loved ones to witness our elopement. andrew and I were showered with so much love before, during, and after our day that there were too many moments throughout the weekend where my eyes would heat up and start tearing. and it’s not even about having all of this attention on us, that’s not what I’m trying to get at but a feeling of unequivocal love. all weekend, people gushed over us and our love in a way that I can’t help but think how lucky we got in this lifetime. my past boyfriend and some of his family had also sent their best wishes, which I found the most meaningful. though the past is the past, they have shown that kindness will always prevail and if any of you are reading this out in england, I thank you with nothing less than affection.

all in all, we are indebted to those who witnessed our vows whether it be through sacrificing holiday plans to fly across the country or it be time to drive over 8 hours to our sacred joshua tree. naturally, we all have our own reservoirs of love but that day, you all selflessly opened those dams to create a never-ending ocean in the desert. the love that you brought that day from your respected homes did not go unnoticed as by the end of the night, I bled love. and as I attempt to find the words to write this seven months later, I’m still bleeding love and gratitude – thank you.

there were so many beautiful photos to choose from but here are some of my favorites of our loved ones captured by leo cabal…


to our parents… you helped align our stars and we are forever indebted to you (my parents aren’t divorced btw.. I just liked our solo shots)



an excerpt from my vows: “…and so I want to give credit where it is deserved. to your mom and dad for raising such a humble man, to your brother and all of your friends who have helped form your personality, to your mentors who have helped mold your character… you have all shaped the man that I have fallen deeply in love with; the man who epitomizes love and humility without even knowing it. and I’m thankful to you all of you but most of all, I’m thankful to God who lovingly thought to make you in the first place and place the two of us in the same lifetime with the opportunity to meet and fall in love despite coming from opposite sides of the country and everyone in between.”


once we did the ‘first look’, emotions accelerated and the love tears would not stop


one of my dad’s coworkers asked why I wasn’t getting married in a church and he responded, “she is. in the church of nature.”

part 3 is more detailed in our love tears

C+A-428C+A-475 copyC+A-503C+A-469C+A-534C+A-537 copyC+A-594C+A-796C+A-817C+A-789C+A-774 copyC+A-761

our cake made by my best friend

C+A-731 copy

I’m not actually sure who brought these plates but I saw them after our honeymoon and teared up at many of the kind words written

these were a few of my favorite sentiments that people posted and as you can tell, the love runs deep.

I’ve saved part 3 for our portrait photos:)

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  1. Such gorgeous photos, and even more stunning words. Lovely post, and congratulations!

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