yellowstone national park

I’ve been putting yellowstone and grand tetons off for awhile now… I’ve had a hard time figuring out how I wanted to say certain things, more so in the grand tetons entry but adventures are piling up soooo…..

we had been planning yellowstone for weeks. each week for a month we were supposed to go but things kept happening: I got in a car crash, kilian got a freak laceration, etc. and it was frustrating but the week of july 4th, we finally got to a point where we just said ‘F it, we’re going’ and we did. I had been to yellowstone once a few years ago and it was amazing for sure but adventures are better when you’re with your lover/best friend.

we did all of the touristy stuff the first day because we hate crowds and found our way to backcountry where we spent all of our time there. we found fields of wildflowers all to ourselves – trails, lakes, meadows.. everything yellowstone had to offer, it was ours even if only for a few days. I read this article that said that most people that go to national parks do not stray more than 100yds from marked paths so it wasn’t that hard to find solitude. also though, I’m not sure if that fact is more scary or sad or if I should just be happy that people are even at national parks anymore.

I didn’t take as many photos for the sake of being in the moment but here are some of my faaaaves…

IMG_9245IMG_0581IMG_9283IMG_0756IMG_9502IMG_9340Processed with VSCO with f2 presetIMG_0729Processed with VSCO with t1 presetIMG_0786IMG_9308IMG_9316IMG_0657IMG_9324IMG_9335

yellowstone & grand tetons

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  1. Oh wow!!! Thanks for taking me along through your photos

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