crater lake NP/lassen volcanic NP

today is the national park service’s 100th anniversary so I thought I’d post crater lake and lassen volcanic in honor of. the original plan was to celebrate at one of the national parks but death has encompassed us in a heartbreaking way and support during these dark times will forever be our first priority.

we were supposed to go to mexico a month or so ago but then decided to head north last minute. crater lake wasn’t even part of the plan but we thought why not.

generally, the rim is all that the park is able to offer and as we were driving, I couldn’t understand how it became a national park. it was beautiful no doubt but how could you compare a massive lake to something like the giant sequoias or the vast grand canyon? it turns out that crater lake is the remnants of an ancient volcano and the water is completely fresh from rain and melted snow. in america, I don’t think I’ve ever seen water so pure and so blue before. it was frigid as hell (perfect oxymoron) but it rejuvenated me in such a way that I then knew why crater lake became a national park. it’s funny because everyone always says, “you have to see it in person” and I did but it wasn’t until I experienced the lake for itself did the park become real to me.


there’s only one path to get down and as we descended, everyone ascended so they wouldn’t have to hike back up in the dark, which was great for us because we had the whole crater to ourselves for sunset.


lassen volcanic national park

one of the best things about our quest for 59 is that it takes us to places we would have never thought of ever going to. before our national parks map, I had never heard of lassen volcanic but basically, it was a park full of volcanic rocks, meadows of wildflowers, and waterfalls. at least that’s what we found.

five stars, would definitely go again.

IMG_0753IMG_1862IMG_1881IMG_1805IMG_0819 (1)IMG_0800IMG_0786IMG_1922IMG_0845IMG_0722IMG_0956IMG_2004

testament of a great adventure day.

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