redwood national park

redwood national park is honestly one of the most magical places in the world. I’ve included an excerpt from my daily journal that I had written on 24 july 2016 to give you an idea of just how magical it was/is:

…we hiked the trillium trail with the whole forest to ourselves and as we did, I had these feelings inside of me that I couldn’t and still can’t explain. I told andrew that I was feeling the same feelings from the grand tetons but also how that next morning when we got home, alton sterling’s death happened and how I cried all week, how I couldn’t comprehend the feelings of elation in wyoming and the feelings of guilt and despair in our reality. as we hiked through the forests, the ferns, the streams, I felt a certain warmth, a certain euphoria inside of me. though it was similar to the tetons and joshua tree, it wasn’t quite the same.

the redwoods have made their way into my heart; into a place I never knew existed. it’s not to say that my heart is too full that nothing more can fit, I just didn’t know if there had always been a place reserved for the redwoods or if the redwoods created a new crevice. and it got me thinking… had we never gone to the redwoods, I would have never felt these feelings. I would have never felt this unique happiness made possible only by these forests.

the redwoods have now given me a new perspective when I look at a map because I don’t see it as ‘I want to go here to see this place or that place’ anymore. I am now starting to see it as ‘I want to see how my heart will open up here or how my soul will love there’ because if I didn’t know about my heart and the potential it had to feel in the redwoods, grand tetons, and JT then how many other places will expand my soul??? my heart has the potential to exceed all limits of love, I just have to go.

I will say though that I think it all comes down to experience. I love the desert but others don’t and maybe it’s because they didn’t experience it like I did. the people that live around redwood national park probably don’t feel the same way that I do and maybe it’s because it’s more of a routine thing for them and that’s okay too but that’s also their experience. mine was so much more than that. my heart expanded.

…may andrew and I always be traveling and exercising our hearts so that we can love bigger and better.

as I wrote this three months ago, it is still difficult for me to put my feelings into words. the redwoods are a very special place to me not because it was where we had our first kiss or got engaged or any other life event but simply because it was the redwoods. my heart felt so happy; so full yet so light. I felt the most grateful to be standing in the middle of a timeless forest with my husband.

as we walked around the forests closer to the main road, we saw a lot of elderly couples that we could only assume were retired. the closer we got to them, the better I was able to see that glimmer of happiness close to mine; a glimmer that seemed to be reserved for first timers. it was then that I realized just how lucky we were to be seeing all these places and sharing this happiness together at 25. what a shame it would be to have lived our whole lives only to experience these sights and feelings when we retired. I’m thankful… so, so thankful that we get to experience and feel now.

these pictures are borderline trash compared to what we saw (okay, that was a bit much) but the redwood national park has my highest recommendation!

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I also wanted to say how thankful I am to the national park service for keeping these trees into the timeless forest that I had mentioned earlier. at the moment, I’m reading a book about deforestation and it is insane what we have done to our home.

did you know, that the middle east specifically mesopotamia (modern day iraq and eastern syria) used to be a land full of lush forests? it is said that the forests were so dense that sunlight never touched the ground but pride and greed got to the kings of that time and tore down all the forests to make ‘grand’ cities. but look at it now… it’s just a dry, dry desert.

these places that we travel to, that I post about… I want my kids to experience it just as I did/do. so though politics and big money companies continue to tear down the amazon, forests in the PNW and south east asia, etc., there are still organizations like the national park service who continue to preserve lands to keep true to the timelessness for my future kids. as mother earth has continued to protect us for thousands of years, it is our turn to protect her.



redwoods from caicue on Vimeo.

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