my name is caitlin pedersen and I reject the american dream.

I do not reject america, the country I have happily called home but instead its dream. the dream of a suburban home with a white picket fence. the dream of working an 8-5 job everyday for the rest of my life and calling it life. the dream of paying an outrageous mortgage just to show my ‘success.’ the dream of material prosperity. the dream of staying in one spot for the rest of my life. the dream of routine. the dream of sweeping ubiquitous injustices under the rug. the dream of conforming to the ‘american’ way. but most of all, I reject the idea of having to convince myself and others that this is the only dream in life to strive for.

this travel diary is a personal effort to reject a laughable notion that we call a dream. though obtaining the american dream means different things to different people, as I navigated through my early 20’s, I came to interpret it as honestly just treading water and learning how to survive. so here, in the midst of my second decade before moving forward into my late 20’s, andrew and I are saying no thanks to this dream because we’re creating our own. now you know the most important thing about us…

our dream is to live and we’re in the midst of doing it.


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