mammoth lakes

finally catching up on here since I only have a month before the hard stuff and then the good stuff come into play. we called this trip (mammoth lakes and our remaining utah national parks) the ‘rejecting the american dream’ trip because this was around the time we truly started thinking about what the dream really … Continue reading mammoth lakes

cuba pt II

in mexico city, we had pulled out 1/3 of our money saving the other 2/3 to withdraw in cuba. andrew and I don’t like traveling with large sums of cash on us and stupidly figured that we would be okay. when we got to havana however, our cards didn’t work. I don’t know if it was our bank, … Continue reading cuba pt II

cuba pt I

one of the first things andrew and I did when obama lifted the cuban embargo was buy plane tickets. cuba has been a longtime dream for andrew and has obsessed about it ever since I met him in 2011. back in april when we bought the tickets, you had to electronically acknowledge that you fit in 1 of 12 … Continue reading cuba pt I